3 Pump Court

Pump Court, situated at the very heart of the Temple and perhaps its most typical quarter, is the area where two patent chambers were located for most of the twentieth century. The first was a leading set located at number six and was occupied, among others, by Kew Shelley, the Aldouses (Guy and his son, William), Douglas Falconer, David Young and Simon Thorley. Chambers moved eventually to 3 New Square in the late twentieth century. The second was at number three and was once headed by Stanley Levy QC, a Jewish barrister who held a doctorate in chemistry from the University of London. Some of its most remarkable occupants were Rhys Gerran Lloyd, Raph Lunzer, Bernard Budd, and Alastair Wilson. It was also the place in which Max Mosley practised before becoming involved in motor racing.


Middle Temple


Stanley Levy; Bernard Budd; RG Lloyd; Raph Lunzer; Max Mosley; Alastair Wilson


Bert Martin; Barbara Harris.