Aldous, Guy
Born in 1906, Guy Aldous was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. There he obtained a degree in Natural Sciences. During the Second World War he was at the war ofice and managed to keep a practice alive in Dennings Chambers. After the war, he joined the chambers of Kew Shelley and practised in all aspects of intellectual property law. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel (QC) in 1956 and retired three decades later when they changed the tax law preventing barristers taking their last year’s earnings tax. He also did a substantial amount of libel work and was frequently briefed by Lord Goodman to act for Harold Wilson in his brief actions. He also advised Sir Winston Churchill on copyright matters. After retirement, he joined the board of Showerings, a subsidiary of Allied Breweries and ran their intellectual property department. He died in 1981.

Trinity College, University of Cambridge

Call to the Bar

1930 (Inner Temple); QC (1956); Bencher (1963)

6 Pump Court

Douglas Falconer


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Image courtesy of William Aldous