Trademark World
Magazines such as Trademark World provided a vehicle for practitioners and academics to exchange ideas about the ways intellectual property was evolving. For many practitioners too busy to read academic journals, it was a good forum to get a taste of the combination of theory and practice. While some may regard these magazines as an outlet of companies such as Interbrand, when Jeremy Philips became its editor, it became a space for academics, practitioners and students to get quick information about intellectual property. These journals became predecessors of other information-related initiatives that characterised the twenty first century, such as influential IP blogs, mainly the IP Kat.
John Murphy, Brand Valuation (Random House, 1990)
John Murphy, Brand Strategy (Director Books, 1990)
John Murphy, Brands: The new wealth creators (New York University Press, 1997)
John Murphy, Brandfather: The Man who invented Branding (Book Guild Publishing, 2017)
Jeremy Phillips and Alison Firth, An Introduction to Intellectual Property (Butterwoths, 1990)
Trademark World